2008 Festival Pictures

Photos courtesy of Evelyn Billberg

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From left to right

Jenaer Rader, Sarah Baltzer, Fay Fay Ye, Jonathan Keith, John Ahern, Christina Qi, AJ Bush, Lauren Mann, Zachary Bush, Jack Cohen (front, 9 years old), Heather Moody, Matt Scofield, Rob Wallace (front), Jessica Garton, Hope Chynoweth

Not in picture

Alex Brahmsteadt, Ryan Gibb

First Prize Winners and Dr. Houle

Festival judges, winners and Dr. Houle

Houle, Salmon, Olson, Atkinson, Fay Fay Ye & Christina Qi

Lisa Bush with the Honorable Mention recipients

Matt Scofield

Zach Bush plays Peanuts music in a highly creative way!

Houle joins in the fun

Fay Fay Ye and Christina Qi

Houle, Salmon, Olson and Atkinson

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