G Clef by Gina Heideman

Photo courtesy of Lisa Bush

The Festival for Creative Pianists

Complete information

Contact: Evelyn Billberg

When: Annually, early June

Where: Denver, CO

For whom: Open to any pianist age 19 or younger as of the first day of the festival

Enrollment: Approx. 40


Prizes: Many prizes for both repertory excellence and creative skills

To learn about how to qualify for prizes, please see our main website.

Artist adjudicators/presenters:

Our world-class judges are generally experts in both classical and jazz/pop styles as well as all forms of improvisation. This combination of skills is rare; furthermore, judges are chosen for their ability to work well with young people and provide useful, learned and positive feedback, both verbally and in writing.

Online donations:

We need and appreciate your generous support!

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"What you are attempting to do in your festival is most laudable, especially in eliminating as much as possible the 'winner take all' dynamic, and encouraging improvisation in both jazz and classical music."

— Dave Brubeck (letter to Houle, 6/12/02)